The Java ME versions can be downloaded directly to a phone by pointing the WAP browser at

The downloads here are beta software, so there may be bugs:

Platform Stak Run applet in browser. The numeric keypad, cursor keys etc. are mapped to the appropriate functions. The Horizontal keyboard is mapped to the number row and the three letter rows.
Java ME MIDP 2.0 stak-midp2.jad
MIDlet for MIDP 2.0, which includes most phones produced since 2004.
Windows Zip file containing applet (same as above), a launcher program with icon, and a dll fixing the keyboard layout for non-US keyboards.
Mac OS X Zip file containing applet packaged as a Mac OS X app.
Desktop Java StakApplet.jar Generic java applet/application. Can be run with the command "java -jar <jarname>".